About Us

Subh Gem Stones is based on the ideology of providing top quality product and services. It is driven with the aspiration to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Sorting to cleaning, Fitting to Polishing, we process our rocks to give the best product to our clients. Processing the finest raw material by using the best consumables from around the globe, we ensure that the end product is the best.
"Subh" has always supported new technology and development in natural stone processing, without ignoring the importance of quality standards to be maintained.
We aim to keep age old traditions alive by processing each and every piece of stone in the traditional way with utmost love and gratitude for bounties bestowed on us by the Mother nature.
We have very distinguished clientele and it is our constant endeavour to try to give them best in the world.
For our product, highest quality gemstones are obtained from a variety of countries and continents, around the globe like, Lapis from Afghanistan, Malachite from Central Africa, Tiger Eye from South Africa and various Jaspers from Australia, just to mention few.